Our Mission

We are a Bible-teaching church that endeavors to build strong families and followers of Christ by:

• enjoying and worshiping God;

by empowering one another to form strong, honest relationships;

• and by embracing the world with the love of Christ.

Enjoying and Worshiping God

Both in our worship services and our ministries, we seek to enjoy, exalt, and worship God; whether it is by singing, praying, giving, or hearing God’s Word read and taught. There are open times of prayer and sharing. There is a concentrated effort to read and teach the scriptures as God’s inspired, inerrant,and absolutely authoritative word, through verse-by-verse exposition with application to real life. There are numerous opportunities for a variety of individuals to take part in church services from greeting and helping with the sound system, to ministering in music and reading Scripture. Our worship style varies from Sunday to Sunday, reflecting the unique contribution and gifts of the individuals leading the service.

Forming Strong, Honest Relationships

Our church has lots of families with lots of kids. Families are encouraged to serve in the church together, and children are given many opportunities to minister. It is not uncommon to see elementary-age children assisting in leading music, taking up the offering, reading scripture, serving as greeters, or praying in the morning worship service. The idea of building strong families and followers of Christ extends to the church body as a whole where we are continually striving for genuine, caring relationships. We desire to share both hurts and joys with one another. The strength and bond of our fellowship together is evident, even when families move on from Alaska. Dozens of families throughout the world continue to keep in touch with our church family; sharing prayers, joys, and the Lord from far away.

Embracing the World with the Love of Christ

We want a heart that is willing to do what God asks! There is a high level of commitment to God in our church body in the areas of service, giving, family, evangelism, and missions. Both men and women serve faithfully on Sunday and during the week in AWANA, Bible studies, Sunday school, children’s ministries, and other activities. Many are sincerely trying to have a witness for Christ on their jobs and in their homes. Many have a strong desire to serve the Lord any way—and anywhere—He asks. Several have been on short and long term mission trips and desire to go again. Many also recognize the danger of becoming “ingrown” and “playing church” and want to continue reaching out to the lost and hurting with true, eternal life in Jesus. Our church family is made up of believers drawn from the communities of Eagle River, Chugiak, Peter’s Creek, Anchorage, and Wasilla, Alaska. The church facilities are located in the Birchwood area of Eagle River, which has a population of 25,000. The area is still growing and provides lots of opportunities to influence families in the military, business, or government for the Savior. Our formal mission support includes: Alaska Family Council, AsiaConnect, Cadence International in Alaska, Awana Clubs International, CPC & Heart to Heart Pregnancy Centers, Encompass World Partners (formerly Grace Brethren International Missions) in Ireland and France, Glory Reins Ranch in Virginia, Intervarsity in Belguim, Missionaries to Native Alaskans, SIM in Africa, Sagrada Scholarship Bible Camp in Missouri, Unreached Villages in India, and Wycliffe in Indonesia. Eagle River Grace is also a member of the Charis Fellowship. The church benefits from and contributes to the national fellowship in various ways, such as international missions and youth conferences. We would like nothing better than to share with you God’s joy of eternal life in relationship with the Creator who made you, which comes only through Jesus Christ. If you are interested, please contact us (office@ergrace.org or 688-4010) for information or prayer.