Why should I consider giving online?

  • Eliminate the confusion of remembering whether you gave and cut down on required processing from our administrative staff. Schedule a recurring contribution for the day you specify you can ensure that your first fruits are given back to God.
  • Log-in to your giving account at any time to view giving history, set up or change a recurring gift, or change your billing information. 

What is the best way to give? 

An e-check is the cheapest method to process gifts for Eagle River Grace and maximizes the reach of your gift. 

E-check processing/transaction fees are 1%. For a gift of $100, total donation would be $99.
Credit/debit processing/transaction fees are 3%. For a gift of $100, total donation would be $97. 


Is my information safe?

Sharefaith Giving processes our online gifts. Their processing is PCI Compliant and they have many flags and filters in place to prevent and catch fraudulent transactions. All sensitive data is sent to their system via encrypted channels (using the same browser-based Transport Layer Security [TLS] as financial institutions).

Will I get a receipt?

Immediately after your gift processes, you will see a receipt on your screen. If you provided an email, you will receive a copy in your inbox as well. If you have set-up a recurring gift, you’ll receive an email confirmation a week before it processes as well as a receipt after it processes. You will also receive an end-of-the-year statement each January with all your contributions for the year.