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Two ways to get started:

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The Bible Recap - Reading Adventure!

The Bible Recap is a year-long, chronological Bible reading plan that allows you to join a community of other readers from Eagle River Grace. Read each Bible passage daily on an individual basis and then enjoy the added benefit of sharing your thoughts on the day’s passage with other members from our church.

This plan starts January 1st, but you can join anytime throughout the year. All you need is the Bible App and a Bible. If you would like to participate, but do not want to use the app, there are paper copies of the plan available on the bulletin board in the church lobby.

The green button below leads to a PDF version of the reading plan. If you are unable to install the Bible App but would still like a group experience, there is also a Facebook group available through the blue button below.


To set you up for success, go to and view the prep episodes on Step #4.


Contact Jessica Flournoy at (907)242-6791 for questions and help connecting to the group.

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