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Small Groups



Men's Bible Study
The Men's Bible Study meets weekly on Thursday evenings, 6:30pm, at a home in Eagle River. Contact the church office at for more information.

Men's Breakfast
One Saturday per month, the men of Eagle River Grace are invited to breakfast at the church.  Come enjoy fellowship, food, and spiritual encouragement. Check the online calendar to find when the next breakfast is being served. Contact Pastor Brad at for more information, or with offers to help cook breakfast! 

​Precept Upon Precept: Women's Bible Study

The Precept Upon Precept Women’s Bible Study takes place Monday nights, at 6:30pm, in the basement at ER Grace. The group will resume a study in the fall.

"Studying the Bible is about more than head knowledge; it’s about a life-changing relationship with God. With Precept, you can experience the power of God’s Word for yourself and get the training and guidance you need to lead others through Scripture." 

We ask a lot of hard questions and endeavor to answer them directly from God's Word. Contact Karen Lord at (907) 854-2122 or for more information.

Young Adults

Young Adults

Young Adult Collective

The Young Adult Collective (YAC) meets weekly (typically on Friday Nights), and do everything from service projects, to hikes, to worship nights, to camp-outs, to bible studies, to heated discussions on irrelevant-yet-nevertheless-interesting topics. We exist to share life with one another in Christ around food and fellowship. And it is amazing. 


Married couples and their kids are most welcome! Contact Luke Magnusson at 907-744-2548 for more information. 



Eikon is a group for young men (ages 12 and up) growing in stature and developing a heart and mind for Christ. Meetings are every other Tuesday during the school year, at 6:30pm, for activities and to discuss hard-hitting man topics. Dads are welcome.

Each year the young men of Eikon create a video to promote the Valentine’s Dinner they host for couples at the church.  Click below to see this year’s videos.

Aletheia is a group for young women (ages 12 and up) who enjoy fellowship and pursuing God’s truth as they study the Word of God, and grow to become image bearers of Christ. They meet at Eagle River Grace, every other week during the school year, Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:30. Moms are always welcome. Click here for Aletheia schedule. 

Summer Teen Fellowship (STF)
Join us, each Wednesday night of the summer for a time of fellowship including games and Bible discussion, 7-9 pm. All teens, 6th grade and up—including the young at heart—are welcome. Weather permitting, we will be meeting outside, at the church.



Children's Message Time (CMT)
Children ages 4-11 are welcome downstairs during the sermon each Sunday morning where they can hear a short lesson and do an activity from the same Scripture passage as upstairs, but tailored to their age level! On the way home, parents, be prepared for questions from your kids that will give you an opportunity for family discussion and discipleship.

Good News Club
Boys and girls ages 5-12 are invited to a fun-filled, weekly, Bible club. Good News Club meets at Birchwood Elementary School on Mondays through the month of April, from 3:45-4:45pm. Each club includes a dynamic Bible lesson, games, songs, missionary stories, and life-changing Scripture memory. Please spread the word! Contact Sarah Jensen (863-4010) with questions.

Sunday School

All ages are welcome for Sunday School.  There are five class options: 

· Littles under 4:  nursery time 

· 4-year-olds—2nd grade: Bible stories

· 3rd grade—middle school: story of the gospel: Genesis—Revelation

· High school: in the upper room

· Adults: Pride, Fear, Anger and Despair: The emotions that can derail a Christian.


Each Sunday morning, everyone is welcome to come downstairs at 9:15 for a light breakfast. Classes start at 9:25 and last until 10:15. 


Children are welcome to join their family in the worship service on Sunday mornings, but if they are too wiggly, or distracting for you, there is a nursery for children infant through 3 year old where they can play with friends and hear a Bible story at their level.

Berean Fellowship

Join us for the Berean Evening Fellowship, a small group gathering on Sunday evenings, from 6-7pm. One of the main qualities of a Berean was to search the Scriptures. Most weeks, we will discuss the Scripture from the morning service and pray together.  Some weeks, we will hear from visiting missionaries or special guests as they share what God is doing in other parts of the world.

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