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Welcome to the Awana Journey Program!

We are excited to have you in the Journey club and to serve as an LIT (Leader in Training)! You are an important part of our Awana program and provide mature and valuable leadership in our club. The younger clubbers look up to you and aspire to one day wear the Awana LIT t-shirt like you. We could not do what we do without you. When you are not able to be at Awana, you are missed. Please communicate to a leader as soon as you can if you will be absent from an Awana night.


An Awana Night
For all LITs, the Awana night begins at 6:10 pm. LITs meet in the upper (high school) room. The time between 6:10 and 6:30 will include information about upcoming club activities, a leadership lesson, and prayer. It also allows time to shift focus from the busyness of the day to the Awana night ahead. During this time, you will be able to borrow and don an Awana shirt in case one is needed.


The Awana LIT Uniform
All LITs are required to wear the Awana LIT uniform. The uniform consists of an official “Awana” LIT t-shirt and a name tag. You are free to apply bling to your name tag if you so desire. It is important to be in uniform each Awana night to set an example for the younger clubbers, to be readily identifiable as someone who can answer questions, and to assist leaders in learning your name.


Club Assignments
Each LIT will be assigned to assist with one of the younger clubs: Puggles, Cubbies, Sparks, or T&T. There are also special assignments such as assistant game leader, photographer, and sound booth technician. These assignments are made with intentionality at the beginning of the Awana year. If you have any questions or concerns about club assignments, ask a leader.


A Complete Awana Year in Journey

To complete an entire Awana year in the Journey club, you must complete lessons 1.1 through 6.4, prepare written summaries of all required Bible reading, and do the sharing your faith exercise.

Lessons– To complete a lesson, you must read the lesson, answer the questions, do any required projects, and recite the memory verse.

Bible Readings – Bible readings for this Awana year are listed in the back of the Journey Disciples Bible Study book. If you complete the assigned reading for each of the four years you are in the Journey club, you will have read through the entire Bible. To receive credit for reading a book of the Bible, write a summary paragraph for each book. This paragraph must include the author, the occasion or purpose for writing, the main point or theme of the book, a particular section or verse that stood out or was especially meaningful during the reading, and any thoughts or observations you may have (minimum length of the paragraph is five sentences). Assigned Bible readings will be posted as a separate document.

Sharing Your Faith – You can complete this requirement in several different ways: sharing the gospel with a friend or family member who doesn’t know the Lord, posting the gospel message online during a chat session, presenting the gospel message to the club, or providing a written gospel presentation to an Awana leader. You must submit written or printed documentation of this event. There is some flexibility with this assignment to allow for creativity and practicality. If you would like to satisfy this requirement using a technique not listed here, ask a leader.


LIT Awana Store
Throughout the Awana year, you can earn “Awana bucks.” Awana bucks are awarded for each completed lesson and each completed Bible reading. At times, your Awana leader may offer other ways of earning Awana bucks. Awana bucks can be redeemed at any time during the Awana year using an LIT Awana Store order form. No paper money will be handed out. Each Journey LIT will have an Awana bucks account. If you have a question as to the status of your account, ask a leader.


Award Requirements
At the end of each Awana year, we have an awards ceremony. If you are interested in having your efforts recognized at the awards ceremony, then the following information will help guide you.

Excellence Award - To earn the Excellence Award, you must complete either two handbooks or manuals from T&T and/or Trek, or complete two entire Awana years in Journey, or a combination of the two.

Timothy Award - To earn the Timothy trophy, you must complete either four handbooks or manuals from T&T and/or Trek or complete four entire Awana years in Journey, or a combination of the two.

Meritorious Award - To earn the Meritorious trophy, you must complete six handbooks or manuals from T&T and/or Trek or a combination of handbooks and entire Awana years in Journey.

Citation Award - To earn the Citation award, you must complete all six handbooks or manuals from T&T and Trek and complete all four entire Awana years in Journey.


Thank You for Being an LIT! Serving the Lord is fun and fulfilling. May God bless you as you serve Him through the Awana program.

Bible Study

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Event Calendar

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